Language Training For Company and Employee Growth

A multi-lingual workforce is an invaluable asset in today's economy. Open Languages can help your staff develop language skills that will serve them and your company for years to come, from increased customer satisfaction to heightened competitiveness.

How it works

As easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Tailored Learning Plan

You tell us about your language needs and we customise a learning program for your staff, tailored to your industry or job specific needs

Step 2

Flexible Scheduling

Our teachers will then give private and/or group lessons to your employees, on Skype, Google hangouts, or our own state of the art communication tools.

Step 3

Total Control

Your employees develop and learn, and you track progress, attendance and spending, on your Manager Dashboard


Our Customized Manager Dashboard allows for

Easy overview of employee's activity
Full control over your spending
Oversee and analyze progress


Look at what our students are saying!

Open Language customers

Open Languages is driving employee growth for leading organizations in every industry


Why learn a language with us?

Increased customer satisfaction

Being able to speak your customer’s language can be the difference between a deal and no deal. It improves rapport, creates trust and fosters understanding. Know them better to serve them better

Improved internal communication

A multilingual workforce improves cohesion and helps create an inclusive work environment. Whether your employees are learning the company’s working language or your customer’s, it will help them communicate more effectively, across the board.

Heightened competitiveness

In today’s global economy your company needs to communicate with people and entities around the world. Doing so effectively creates more business opportunities, and opens up whole new markets. With a multilingual workforce, the world is yours.

Enhanced employee satisfaction

Learning languages is regularly rated amongst the top personal development goals by professionals. By providing that training you enjoy all the aforementioned benefits; having more fulfilled employees is just the cherry on top.

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